The nsjava::call Command


nsjava::call ?-noconvert? class signature ?arg arg ...?

The nsjava::call command is used to invoke public static methods on Java classes from Tcl code. The class argument specifies the name of the declaring class of the method to invoke. The signature argument specifies which class method to invoke. Signatures are covered in the Signatures section.

Additional parameters to the nsjava::call command are converted to Java objects or primitive Java types before being passed to the Java method. The Conversions section describes the result and possible error conditions of the nsjava::call command, including the effect of the optional -noconvert flag.


A Java method can be invoked directly from Tcl code using the nsjava::call command. In this example, the static method toBinaryString(int) in the class java.lang.Integer is invoked from Tcl.
# Call the method java.lang.Integer.toBinaryString(int)
set string [nsjava::call Integer toBinaryString 5]

# This will print "result is 101", the binary representation of 5
puts "result is $string"

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