nsjava Package Commands

nsjava::new : Allocate Java objects.
nsjava::call : Invoke static Java methods.
nsjava::field : Get and set Java field values.
nsjava::instanceof : Determine if an object is an instance of a Class.
nsjava::info : Introspect Java objects and classes.
nsjava::null : Get a handle to the null Java reference.
nsjava::isnull : Test a handle to see if refers to null.
nsjava::lock : Lock a Java object so that it can not be garbage collected.
nsjava::unlock : Unlock a Java object that had been locked previously.
nsjava::throw : Throw a Java exception.
nsjava::try : Catch a Java exception.
nsjava::cast : Cast a Java object from one type to another.
java::import : Import a Java class name so that fully qualified name need not be used.
javaObj : Invoke instance methods on an object.
javaArrayObj : Invoke methods on an array object.


Signatures : How to specify Java method and constructor signatures.
Conversions : How Tcl values are converted to Java objects and vice versa.
Garbage Collection : How objects are referenced and garbage collected.

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